Southside Logo 23.-25. June NEUHAUSEN OB ECK´╗┐


General information

Camping is only possible with the Southside-Kombi-Ticket (3 days incl. camping).

The camping lots open on Thursday at 4pm and close on Monday at 12am.

Glass bottles aren't allowed on the camping site.

There were too many injuries caused by broken glass. Please use tins / cans and plastic bottles. Please be aware that the security staff will search your luggage.

Please do not bring any furniture, sofas and armchairs. Weapons, power generators, external car batteries and laser pointers are not allowed. Every camp is allowed to deploy one 3 x 3 meter pavillion.

And please mind to keep the emergency routes free !!!

Become a Green Camper!

Who enjoys Rock'n'Roll on the festival ground, but appreciates cleanliness and silence while camping at the same time, has for the first time the chance to camp in our Green Camp. The Green Camp is a blocked space for visitors with an environmental awareness. The Green Camp controls itself. Every Visitor who likes the announced criterion, like noise reduction, av oiding litter and respect for each other, is able to apply for this area and achieves entry after showing the printed document at the Festival entry. By (strong) violation of the philosophy of the Green Camp the visitor has to move to the normal camping ground. You can download the document for the Green Camp here. With it you have entry for the Green Camping Ground – for free! Please avoid multiple downloads – we count them to provide enough space. Everyone who wants to camp "green", has to have his own document. It is the only application you will need. At the BÄNDCHENAUSGABE you will get an extra wristband, especially for this area.

The offer of MEIN-ZELT-STEHT-SCHON applies here as well.  

Camp welfare

Here is a list of essential things you need to have a great festival.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping-bag
  • Air mattress
  • Padlock to lock your tent
  • Camping stove
  • Dishes, cutlery, cup
  • Lighter/matches
  • Can opener
  • Torch, batteries
  • Car key/front door keys
  • Cell phone
  • Ear plugs

Be prepared for almost any weather. Bring sun protection, warm clothes and wet weather gear – and a spare pair of shoes! Consider that it can be cold at night even though warm daytime temperatures.

There is a variety of food stands at the festival site - sandwiches, salad, pizzas, fries, burgers, fish, ethnic, vegetarian - nevertheless you may bring a small lunch packet to the festival site. If you camp we’d like to give you the advice to bring enough food and drinks with you.

  • Water !!!
  • Beer (cans)
  • Tinned food
  • bread
  • sausage and cheese
  • jam
  • fruits + vegetables
  • chewing gum

Do not forget your toilet bag:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shower gel/shampoo
  • soap
  • towel
  • shaving equipment
  • creme
  • deodorant
  • toilet paper
  • tissues
  • sun cream
  • tampon
  • condoms/contraceptives
  • medicine (headache tablet)

important documents:

  • ec-card/bank card
  • driver’s license
  • identification card

Leave unnecessary keys and documents at home and you won't lose them at the festival.

Don’t worry if you forgot something, there’s a market at the festival site which sells most of the essential things.

If you're planning on bringing your mobile phone to the festival, check out the offer of the recharging service VOLT >>

Arriving at night

You may arrive all night, parking and camping lots will be open.


If you wish to camp together with your friends at one place, you should arrive together in a group and build up your tents together. Since the camping ground is limited, the security has to take care that camps aren't built expansively.

Attention! Please keep the emergency routes free!!!


Open fires are strictly prohibited!!!

Open fire is forbidden with the exception of camping stoves and grills. Please make sure that you keep a safety distance to tents while using camping stoves and grills. Do not use camping stoves inside the tent even if it is raining outside.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles aren't allowed on the camping site. There were too many injuries caused by broken glass. Please use tins / cans and plastic bottles. Please be aware that the security staff will search your luggage.


Bikers may use the camping area for caravans. Please park your vehicle next to the tent.


Please leave your pets at home. Animals are not allowed on the festival and camping site.


The festival site is located in a very sensitive natural environment. Please help us to keep it clean!

Each camper gets a garbage bag and a chip at the entrance. With the delivery of the filled garbage bags and the chip you will receive your 10 euro deposit. Thanks for helping!

My tent has already been pitched!

Do you want to travel to the Southside completely relaxed - without any hurry or stress? Do you want to enter Southside and its campground without having any own camping equipment? The service of mein-zelt-steht-schon makes it possible! You order tents and accessories very easily and it'll be built up for you. You only have to move in and start to party!