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Caravans / Mobile Homes

You need a special badge (WoMo-Plakette) for our separated WoMo-place, if you want to stay in mobile homes, caravans, campers or self-made lodgings. This badge is about 35 Euro per vehicle (sleeper cabins, no tractive units). The badge is unfakeable! You can buy it only via or by telephone at FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH: 01806 - 853 653 (0.20 € per call from the German landline, cell phone cost may vary up to 0.60 € per call).


A mobile home is a motor vehicle, providing places to sleep and living space, according to the number of fellow travelers.


A caravan is a trailer, which is licensed in public traffic. It provides places to sleep and living space, according to the number of fellow travelers.

Not allowed ON WOMO-area

Nine-seater with nine travelers, estate cars like Passat, Laguna etc with more than two travelers, VW Polo and such.

Allowed ON WOMO-Area

Estate cars with two travelers and suitable fixtures (also temporary ones), passenger cars with caravans, passenger cars with trailers, including suitable fixtures (also temporary ones).


Per caravan is ONE awning or ONE pagoda tolerated. Tents – small or big ones – with added places to sleep are not allowed. Our security staff is going to control this very strictly, so that everybody with a badge is able to get enough space. The total length of the vehicles is restricted to 11 meters, the total weight is restricted to 3.5 tons. The scraper tractors from the caravans have to be keyed up to the trailers all the time, to make shunting possible.


The WoMo-place on the festival area is bordered. So please understand, that it is not allowed to buy more than one badge per two festival tickets.


It’s not possible to check if the badge will be used correctly, when we sell it. So we reserve our right to prohibit vehicles, which transgress against our rules, to enter the WoMo-place. A refund of costs is not possible in this case.