Southside Logo 23.-25. June NEUHAUSEN OB ECK´╗┐

Festival site

What you may take along

Sound / Photo / Video

Taking pictures for privat use is permitted. Professional audio- and videorecording equipment is not allowed on the festival ground. Any abuse will be prosecuted.

Glass Bottles / Food and Drink

Glass or plastic bottles and cans (tins) are not allowed on the festival ground but you may bring a small lunch package and drinks in cartons (up to 1 litre). Tap water is available for free.

Entrance security

If you want to listen to a certain band you should get to the festival site entrance in time. At both entrances you will be searched for forbidden objects such as glass bottles, cans, weapons and so on by the security staff. You also have to show your festival wristband. Please be aware that the security is instructed to search through your backpacks.