Southside Logo 23.-25. June NEUHAUSEN OB ECK´╗┐

How to get there

Included: travelling by train

If you decide to travel by train you could save a lot of money and you also protect our environment. Furthermore you help us to avoid traffic jams. The good thing is: travelling by short-distance-trains in the whole Deutsche Bahn-route network is included in the festival ticket already!

Combi Tickets are also valid for trains of the Hohenzollerischen Landesbahn AG (HzL): Bräunlingen - Villingen - Rottweil - Tuttlingen - Immendingen (Ringzug) Sigmaringen - Tuttlingen (Naturpark-Express) Tübingen - Sigmaringen (ZAB 1) Hechingen - Gammertingen - Sigmaringen (ZAB 2)

Get off the train at the station Tuttlingen. There a shuttle bus will wait for you. It takes directly to the festival site. Further information is soon available.

There's a shuttle service between the railway station (Tuttlingen) and the festival ground - we will provide a schedule on time.

My tent has already been pitched!

Do you want to travel to the Southside completely relaxed - without any hurry or stress? Do you want to enter Southside and its campground without having any own camping equipment? The service of mein-zelt-steht-schon makes it possible! You order tents and accessories very easily and it'll be built up for you. You only have to move in and start to party!