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How to get there


Once again in 2017, and in line with the motto “Green rocks”, the Southside Festival has entered into an extensive cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, which will allow visitors from all over Germany to use their Southside Tickets in all local DB Regio AG trains (RB, RE and IRE) in order to travel to and from the festival. In order to facilitate this cooperation for several thousand festival visitors, including a shuttle from Tuttlingen Railway Station to the cash desks / wristband points, the price of the Southside Ticket contains, along with the booking fee and waste deposit, a train fee.

The combi tickets are also valid on the following routes of the Hohenzollerische Landesbahn AG (HzL):
  • Bräunlingen - Villingen - Rottweil - Tuttlingen - Immendingen (Ringzug)
  • Sigmaringen - Tuttlingen (Naturpark-Express) - Tübingen - Sigmaringen (ZAB 1)
  • Hechingen - Gammertingen - Sigmaringen (ZAB 2)

This year the combi tickets are also valid in the trains of the agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and the agilis Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG:
  • agilis Nord: Oberfranken
  • agilis Mitte: Ulm – Ingolstadt – Regensburg  - Plattling/Landshut/Neumarkt

The Southside festival ticket is valid for ONE return journey from Thursday (22.06.2017) to Monday (26.06.2017). The Southside festival wristband must be shown on the return journey. 

You can find your connections easily under Simply click on “nur Nahverkehr” (“only local trains”) and the information will be displayed! When selecting the connection, make sure to display the details of the route, to check that only IRE, RE, RB or S-Bahn connections are included. 

Please note that the combi tickets for the Southside Festival 2017 are not valid in the trains of other transport companies (e.g. Cantus, Meridian, Erfurter Bahn) or in long-distance trains. For these trains you may need to buy an additional tickets at the normal fare conditions, prior to boarding the train.

In principle, the admission tickets are valid from the railway station where the train tickets for the DB inland transport are issued:
  • For Austria, this would be Passau Central Station, Mittenwald, Lindau Central Station.
  • For Switzerland, this would be Basel Bad Central Station, Waldshut, Schaffhausen, Konstanz.

The prerequisite is that a DB Regio AG train (IRE, RE or RB) is used from these stations.

The conditions of carriage for passenger transport apply for the carrying of luggage, i.e. a person may not take any more luggage that he can carry alone, and which will fit above or below the seat. Shopping carts, wheelbarrows, handcarts, etc. are not accepted in either trains or buses, and must be repacked. If you have a lot of luggage, we recommend using the additional trains “Southside-Express”, which have greater capacity.


Please observe the directions for arrival, the traffic and festival signs, and traffic broadcasts. Your navigation device is not much use around the festival, since many things are different from normal during the festival. Switch it off and rely on the festival signs. The shortest route is not always the quickest. 
We do not wish to annoy you, but to ensure that you can arrive quickly and with as little traffic congestion as possible. Help us to achieve that!


Visitors from the north via the A81:
The area around Tuttlingen suffers under heavy traffic. Therefore it is best to avoid Tuttlingen. That means: even when coming from the north, use the EXIT ENGEN (A 81 Exit 39). We have managed to make this available for you. From Engen take the B 31 towards Eigeltingen. In Eigeltingen take the L 440 towards Heudorf and follow the festival signs. This is the quickest way to Neuhausen ob Eck.

Visitors from the Black Forest:
Via the B31/B311 and via Tuttlingen to the festival.

Visitors from the northeast:
Via Ulm and the B 311 until Neuhausen ob Eck, directly to the festival.

Visitors from eastern Switzerland, Vorarlberg, the Allgäu and the Lake Constance area:
Via Stockach, then take the B31 and in Hindelwang the B14. From there follow the festival signs.

Visitors from the southwest and northern and central Switzerland:
Take the A 81 until Exit Engen (39) and use the B 31 towards Eigeltingen. In Eigeltingen take the L 440 towards Heudorf and follow the festival signs. This is the quickest way to Neuhausen ob Eck.

If you plan to come by car, form car pools. The fewer cars we have to direct, the quicker the traffic management. And it’s much more fun with four people in a car than with only two, never mind alone.

No matter how you get there: Drive carefully – especially on the country roads!

If you want to offer or accept a lift, take a look at the car sharing exchange, under “Interactive”.

If at all possible, come by bus or train!

The German Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies on the entire festival grounds.

Parking spaces will be allocated, please follow the instructions of the traffic management service at all times. In the interests of all visitors, it is important to leave the access roads as quickly as possible. 

Parking and camping are separate. For safety reasons, cars and tents cannot be placed together. Please note that you must carry your luggage. We shall try to keep the distances as short as possible. 

Please note that the car park is not supervised.

Trailers are not allowed on the campsite, not even temporarily. No types of trailers that are attached behind a car are allowed on the campsite (not even temporarily) and must be parked in the car park.

In the event of a breakdown please first contact the traffic management service. At certain times, quick breakdown help can be arranged on-site in cooperation with the ADAC, subject to a charge. To make it easier to find your broken-down car in the dark, please switch on the hazard lights of your car or a neighbouring vehicle.

Motorbike riders may use the caravan spaces free of charge (i.e. may park their bike next to their tent).

Traffic is very heavy on the roads towards the north and west in Tuttlingen and surroundings, especially during rush hour. We strongly recommend using the more favourable times before 7 a.m. or after 9 a.m.


If the parking spaces have become very wet due to persistent rain, we request that you drive as carefully as possible across these spaces when arriving and departing. 
We will always try to provide you with the best possible parking space, but we also rely on your cooperation. Please always follow the instructions of our staff and have patience in the event of any delays when parking or departing.

Unfortunately, bad weather can sometimes cause one or two cars to get stuck. In the event of persistent rain that affects the driveability of the grounds, we can contact a tow truck at your request, free of charge. In such a case, please ensure that you comply with the following:
  • The tow trucks organised by us are marked accordingly: the drivers wear jackets bearing our logo, the truck bears a flag with our logo, and a number.
  • The tow trucks organised by us DO NOT accept any money! (Should you notice a tow truck that is not marked, and/or which demands payment, please note the registration number and inform us immediately via our social media channels!)
  • Prepare the tow bar on your car and switch on your hazard lights.
  • Have patience -> if it is really wet, the tow truck organised by us must also work carefully, and cannot tow everyone at once.
  • We accept no liability for towing vehicles – even though we establish the contact, the towing process occurs at your own responsibility and at the risk of the user.


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