19.-21. June

ALDI SOUTH goes Southside

Amongst the festival commotion of the stages and tents, there is a special act waiting for you this year. We are there as your ‘support act’ with roughly 2,000 square meters of space to offer you everything that makes your heart beat faster. Our selection includes baked goods, cold drinks and everything you need for a BBQ, as well as camping furniture, sleeping bags and tents. Everything is offered at the usual low ALDI price.

You can party to your heart’s content without having to worry about when to do your shopping. The store opening times take into account the festival schedule with extra-long opening hours.

By the way: You don't need cash to do your shopping in the festival store. Simply use your debit or credit card or even your smartphone (e.g. Google or Apple Pay) to pay for your shopping. 

Further information: aldi-inspiriert.de/festival