18.-20. June
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2020 / 2021!

Hi #FestivalHomies! Tired of an upcoming no-festival-summer? Last week we pitched our tents in our living rooms and started homeoffice from the tent's inside. Why? Because we can! Let's see how the landlord reacts to the tent pegs in the wooden floor...

One thing is absolutely sure: We need something to lean on, we need to see that little light of the end of the tunnel. So, last weeks we worked hard to get our 2020 artists to sign up for 2021. And believe it or not - amazing 54 repeaters will playing at Southside 2021! We are confident to bring you even more acts of 2020 to 2021.

What about the ticktets?

We are currently working on a solution for tickets which have been purchased for the 2020 edition of Hurricane Festival and will get back you as soon as possible with detailed information. Please bear with us for a couple of days before we can share some news with you.


18th - 20th JUNE 2021 

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