17.-19. June
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Documentary: "Don't Stop Believin '- Festival crews under exceptional circumstances" Part #2

16.06.2021Standstill is not always standstill
Musicians and many people from the event industry don't actually know this state of affairs. There is always something to be done, songs need to be written and recorded, music videos need to be made. Behind the scenes there are a thousand deadlines, trades that have to be coordinated, communities managed and music agents with whom to negotiate. And then suddenly the world stops. Who falls into the hole, who successfully lays planks over it?

In part # 2 of our three-part documentary "Don't Stop Believin '- Festival crews in a state of emergency", colleagues, partners and musicians report again what this time means for them. Get to know a few of the people behind the scenes at the Hurricane, Deichbrand, Southside and Highfield who keep track of everything and keep the strings in hand so that you can have the best time. And those times will return - rely on them!

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