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09.03.2021Dear lockdown diary,

today is one of those particularly shitty days. Because today we have to disappoint all the people again, because of whom we are doing all the bang here in the first place. We have to somehow tell all the festival crazy people, the music freaks, all the live junkies and favorite guests out there that the Southside Festival has to be postponed until next year due to the infection situation. The Southside 2021 is already history. The resignation that sloshes through our home offices feels dull and tastes like stale beer, way too much coffee and nicotine gum. We miss it all so much ...

We have tried everything. With a bunch of large and small organizers, as well as violent virologists, hygienists and other experts, we worked for months on infection protection and hygiene concepts that festivals could have made possible, ultimately for the cat this year. The ongoing uncertainty regarding the political framework and financial support, the delay in the vaccination rollout and the new virus mutants really kicked us in the buttocks. It was and is very clear: the health of our guests, the crew and the artists comes first - always! And that's why we took a quick breath today and decided: farewell Southside 2021 - hello Southside 2022!

Even if the light at the end of the tunnel slides back a long way - it is still a light! In any case, we can hardly wait to open the gates on June 17-19, 2022, shoo the bands onto the stage and turn the sound systems to 11. We look forward to the first hand bread, to the tents and pavilions in a good mood, to slo-mo zones, free hugs, cheers and cheers. And the soundtrack for it, a whole bunch of the bands that were hip for 2021, we'll be shooting out soon!

It's also great that people can simply use their 2021 tickets for the 2022 festival and don't have to do anything! For all further questions we have put together an FAQ that will hopefully answer all the important questions people out there may have: www.southside.de/en/postponement/faq

Dear diary, maybe this day is not quite as bad as we thought until a moment ago. Maybe because we could already smell the field a little bit and feel the sun on our necks for a brief moment. See, hear and taste the festival. Very short.

Your Southside Team

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