Southside Logo 22.-24. June NEUHAUSEN OB ECK

Grüner Wohnen

Greener Living

Who enjoys Rock'n'Roll on the festival ground, but appreciates cleanliness and silence while camping, has the chance to apply for our Green Camp for free. The Green Camp is a blocked space for visitors with an environmental awareness. The Green Camp controls itself. Every visitor who likes the announced criterion is able to apply for this area. After filling out the application form, you will receive a personalized document via Email. Please show this document (in printed form) at the Festival entry and get your extra Green Camp whistband. Groups please mind that everyone who wants to camp "green", has to bring along his own document. By (strong) violation of the philosophy of the Green Camp the visitor has to move to the normal camping ground.

The MEIN-ZELT-STEHT-SCHON offer applies here as well.

Helgaa Festival Service

Camping stuff right at the festival and at fair prices!

helgaa gives you the opportunity to purchase your camping gear – such as chairs, stools, sleeping bags, tents, etc – right at the festival. Or you can pre- order online. Your reserved items will be waiting for you at the festival. The only thing you have to do is pick them up on the scene. You will find our shop right at the Highfield-campsite.